Thursday, 10 May 2012

TV advertising has faded in importance versus TV advertising is still most powerfull advertising medium.

In a Task for Marketing Management Debate, Chapter 17

Question : 
Long deemed the most succesfull medium, television advertising has received increased criticism as being too expensive and, even worse, no longer as effective as it once was. Critics maintain that consumers tune out too many ads by zipping and zapping and that is difficult to make a strong impression. The future claims some, is with online advertising. Supporters of TV advertising disagree, contending that the multisensory impact of tv is surpassed and that no other media option offers the same potential impact.

Opinion :

We can choose now especially in Indonesia, TV has become one of favorite things that family have. Everyone watch TV, start from kids until older and also middle age. We still spend a lot of time watching TV. Because of that I think tv still has powerfull advertising medium. Compare to internet, not all of kids playing internet, not all middle age or even older people cant play well with internet, so I think, advertising on internet still cant compite with TV eventhough the users of the internet going increase time by time. In the future, if the government rules can helps and support internet can be accessed for everyone in Indonesia, maybe it could be more effective place to advertise for company, but nowadays TV has more powerfull tools to gain rating on your advertisement.  Related to other media like radio, in the past time, radio has reach his gloriness time that everyone is hearing the radio, they get all information through radio, and radion as powerfull tools to build brand awareness for company that advertise their product, but now radio advertising has faded in importance compare to TV media. TV as a motion picture can give well presented than radio to build brand image for company’s product, through television that has more interesting motion picture and sounds, company can advertise their product more powerfull, they can make people encourage to know something new product and give information about the product and buy it. With most of people watch tv, company can get more easily to publish their new brand or building public relations to maintain the relationship of some products to their customers, of course with the right content and beautifull presentation. So compare to the other media, I think TV still have powerfull medium to advertise eventough sometimes company to advertise in TV is still expensive.

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